12 Easy February Gardening Tips for New England

February Gardening Tips

Last month, we started a new tradition by giving you some gardening tips throughout the year starting with January. This month we are continuing that tradition by moving onto February with our February Gardening Tips. So, let’s look at some of the things that you want to do this month.

12 February Gardening Tips

  • Place some cut flowers in vases around your house to remind you spring is coming.
  • If frost heaved your perennials from the ground, press your perennials back down into the ground.
  • Take the heavy snow off of your evergreens
  • Inspect your trees to decide if they need some pruning. Since they’re bare, it’s going to be easier to spot any diseased or broken branches.
  • Plan your garden renovations and place orders from catalogs.
  • Note the plants with winter interest. Plan to add these plants to the garden once the good weather comes back.
  • Sharpen your tools and then organize them.
  • If you have grapevines, now is when you want to prune them. When the weather warms up, they are going to bleed.
  • Begin starting your vegetable seeds. Or you can do them in March using takeout trays with clear lids.
  • Bring some twigs from spring-blooming trees for color inside. Put them in large vases filled with water. Things like pussy willows, dogwoods, quince and forsythia are good for this.
  • Keep your bird feeders filled up.
  • Wipe down the leaves of your indoor plants.

We hope you enjoyed this short list of February gardening tips. Stay tuned next month for more gardening tips!

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