6 Common Fall Garden Pests

Common Fall Garden Pests

The weather is definitely getting cooler. This means that you have some of the pests hunkering down for the winter. But others are still out in force. There are some common fall garden pests you should know about. Here are the top 5 to know about.

Common Fall Garden Pests 1 – Aphids

One of the pests that you want to be aware of during the fall is aphids. They reproduce during the late summer and then 7-10 days after they’re born, they can reproduce. The damage from aphids will peak during the fall.

Common Fall Garden Pests 2 – Cabbage Loopers

These are caterpillars that eat leaves and love the plants such as kale, bok choy, and cabbage. They can be identified by the way that they will make themselves into loops. They are white–pale green with white stripes.

Common Fall Garden Pests 3 – Corn Earworm/Tomato Fruitworm

This pest burrows and eats corn and tomatoes. They have light and dark tan stripes and grow during the summer with new generations arriving every 28-35 days.

Common Fall Garden Pests 4 – Cucumber Beetle

Planning to grow vegetables and fruit in the garden during the fall? You want to look for this particular pest. They attack beans, cucumbers, eggplant, melons, and other kinds of crops. Look for bugs with a striped or spotted design.

Common Fall Garden Pests 5 – Cutworms

Completely or partially cut stems and wilted veggies are signs that you have cutworms. They are found in soil and appear only on cloudy or overcast days or at night. They love eating carrots, cabbage, lettuce, and peppers.

Common Fall Garden Pests 6 – Stink Bugs

This is a bug that most people are familiar with. They are shaped like shields and have an odor from which the name comes. They affect crops such as beans, cabbage, okra, and peas. They love going into the weeds on the perimeter of your garden, so keep up the maintenance.

These are six common fall garden pests to know about this fall. Keep an eye out for them and be vigilant about keeping your garden and plants healthy.

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