5 Common Problems of Cherry Tomatoes

cherry tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes are a common summer crop

The warm weather is here and now we have cookouts and barbecues to look forward to. Of course, bathing suit season is also here, so a lot of people might be eating more salads. Fortunately for everyone involved, it’s also the height of tomato season, including cherry tomatoes.

Cherry tomatoes are one of the most common staples for gardens during warm weather. There are many ways that you can enjoy these tasty treats. But if you don’t take good care of them, there are things that can happen to your tomato crop. Below are some of the most common problems that your tomatoes might go through.

5 Common Problems of Cherry Tomatoes

Sunscald – This happens when your plants are in prolonged hot, direct sunlight. Give your larger branches enough support in the trellises so that the fruit is shaded.

Splitting – When your cherry tomatoes aren’t watered regularly, your tomatoes might split. This will often happen when you couple compacted soil and inconsistent watering.

Blossom Drop – This happens when the weather’s very hot. This can be helped by giving the cherry tomato plants shade.

Leaf Curl – This can mean a few different things, from stresses such as water, heat, etc. if you are seeing curling leaves, see if they’re curling downwards or upwards. This can give you some information on what the problem is.

Blossom End Rot – This is a common problem for all types of tomatoes. It usually happens when your tomato plants aren’t able to absorb the necessary calcium from your soil, generally because it’s being watered irregularly. This can be avoided when you apply calcium fertilizer when you plant the tomatoes. If you are using small calcium amounts along with your standard fertilizer, it can be applied throughout the season. Make sure the tomatoes’ soil stays moist, rather than dry or soggy. This will help the plants to absorb nutrients such as calcium.

These are some of the main problems that cherry tomatoes can have throughout the season. Keep an eye on your plants and make sure they have the right amount of water and shade. Soon you will be enjoying your tasty cherry tomato crop.

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