7 Common Types of Hardscaping

Welcome to the middle of the week! Continuing our series of blogs about hardscaping, we thought we’d go over some of the common types of hardscaping that many homeowners choose to add to their property. We’ll go over these more in detail in the coming days. But for now, we’ll just look at them briefly.

Types of Hardscaping

Decks & Patios

These are some of the most common types of hardscaping. A structure such as a wooden deck or patio is another type of hardscape that can go a long way to extending your living space into your outdoor area. Materials such as concrete or brick can be used based on maintenance and cost requirements.


This is another one of the common types of hardscaping. A driveway gives your car a path on the property. It can be made of brick, asphalt, stone, poured concrete, or another type of load-bearing, sturdy material. Many times a house comes with a driveway built-in. However, sometimes a homeowner decides to put in a new driveway if they choose to renovate or expand after there’s excessive wear.

Fire Pit

This type of hardscaping is an outdoor fireplace that’s made of stone or brick, and it’s becoming more popular these days. It can make an outdoor space a lot more relaxing and livable


Fountains are more popular on larger pieces of property. These can be water features such as garden streams that are paved or just plain water fountains. These decorative hardscaping projects help give your yard a focal point and provide some peaceful ambiance.

Gazebo & Pergola

types of hardscaping

These are freestanding structures in the outdoor space. They come in many sizes, themes, shapes, and materials. They give you shelter and shade during your outdoor gatherings as well as make your outside space a lot more livable.

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a load-bearing wall that draws a garden’s boundary at a hill’s top or bottom. This effectively dams up water and dirt runoff that could interfere with your growing softscape.

Stone Pathway

A stone pathway is typically made of materials such as concrete pavers or natural stone. It can give you access to various parts of the garden without trampling dirt or getting shoes dirty.

Well, there you have it. These are 7 common types of hardscaping that many homeowners choose to add to their property. Which of these types of hardscaping would look best on your property? Comment below! If you are interested in adding to or upgrading your hardscaping on your property, contact us today.

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