4 Typical Signs Your Concrete Patio Needs Repair

A concrete patio is a great addition to any home. But just like with anything in or around your house, your concrete patio needs TLC. Below are some of the biggest signs that you need to do some damage control with the patio that you and your family enjoy.

concrete patio

Your Concrete Patio is Cracked

If you’re noticing cracks that are forming on your patio’s floor, it could indicate that it needs to be repaired. If the crack is minor, this is something normal that happens and it’s usually not a huge deal. However, once you see a crack start forming, it only will get come worse. You may see weeds growing in between the cracks, which can mean that they might make the cracks expand. This means that water can get in much easier. When water is inside, it will continue freezing and thawing, which can put pressure on the concrete which will eventually make it crack more.

Cracks’ depth and width have to be considered so that you identify the solution that is most cost-effective. Adding sealant or patching will work for cracks that are 1/8” wide or less. These are hairline cracks. When the cracks are wider, such as ½” wide need caulk for concrete repair.

You see Water Pooling on the Patio

If you’re noticing standing water that’s on the patio, it means that you have issues with drainage. If the water isn’t properly draining off of the patio and then away from it, it’s eventually going to cause damage. Because water’s the biggest contributor to lots of masonry and concrete damage, having the right drainage solution is important for a long-lasting concrete patio.

Surface Deterioration on the Concrete Patio

This is sometimes called spalling. This means that you see pieces of the concrete patio being chipped away and then falling off. So that you can protect the patio against damage in the future, you want to address this issue quickly. If not, that damage will only worsen.

This may relate to a faulty construction where there was an overabundance of water added to your concrete mixture. It also could mean the concrete didn’t properly cure after it was installed. It’s essential to have quality construction in order to ensure that your patio will last a long time.

If you’ve noticed that your patio’s starting to chip away, it doesn’t always mean that you need a new patio. You may be able to fix it by resurfacing it using a ½” concrete overlay.

Aged & Weathered Looking Patio

There comes a time when your patio is going to start looking old and worn out. This happens even when it’s well built. However, it doesn’t mean that it has to be completely replaced. If you do maintenance and repairs regularly, some easy restoration work might just help it look brand new. Many times, a patio just needs to be seal coated, waterproofed, and resurfaced so that it looks new once again.

These are four signs that you need some repair for your concrete patio. Whether you are looking to have your patio repaired or you are looking to put one in, hardscaping is one of the services we offer. Contact us to find out more about what we offer. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.

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