5 Signs of Pests in Your Gutters

Your gutters are made to keep the water flowing safely off of your house. But sometimes pests can take up residence in your gutters. When this happens, it can cause a lot of big problems. Below are five signs of pests in your gutters that you should know about.

You are Seeing Nests of Pests in Your Gutters

pests in your gutters

Even though your gutters should be done twice annually at least, there are times when you might be noticing buildup of random things in between your cleanings. These clumps of leaves, twigs and other kinds of items might show that you have a nest for many different critters. If you’re noticing this, it’s a good idea to call in someone to clean your gutters again.

You’re Seeing a lot of Mosquitoes

If you’re suddenly seeing a lot of mosquitoes, a lot more than usual, it could be that your gutters are the reason. Whenever there is standing water, it’s the perfect place for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Having your gutters cleaned on a regular basis can help with keeping the gutters clear, which will allow the water to keep flowing rather than staying stagnant.

Swarms of Pests Like Bees

It’s usually very simple to trace the bees back to the hive when they’re flying in your yard. So, you want to play close attention to see where they’re going. If they’re swarming close to your gutters and disappearing inside, that means they’re in the downspouts or gutters.

Chewing Signs May be Due To Pests in Your Gutters

When you have new gutters put in, you’ll want them to keep looking like new. However, if you’re noticing holes and spots that are worn out long before you expect, it’s possible that there are critters and pests that are chewing on its sides. So, you want to call in a professional.

Small Holes Could be a Sign of Pests in Gutters

Are you noticing little holes in parts of your house such as your siding? It’s possible that critters are to blame. They may have started out in your gutter system, but they might be in your home or making their way there. So, you want to make sure that you call a professional to check things out for you.

These are five signs that you may have pests in your gutters. If you are in need of a gutter cleaning, now is the time to contact us. We can come and clean your gutters and get them all ready for the Massachusetts winter. Contact us today or send us a message on Facebook.

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