5 Gorgeous Flowers and Plants Butterflies Love


Now that spring is here, this is the best time to plant flowers to encourage our colorful winged friends to come and visit your yard. We’re talking about butterflies of course. If you would like to invite these wonderful pollinators to your yard, here are some of the flowers and plants you’ll want to have.

Butterfly Bushes Attract Butterflies

Butterfly Bush

Of course, you can’t have a list of favorite plants and bushes for butterflies without including the butterfly bush. These are fast-growing, large shrubs with flowers that butterflies love. They’re easy to care for but they are very invasive in some of the areas. Look for the sterile cultivars, so they won’t run wild.

You can plant these in cottage gardens, in your perennial borders, island beds, or anywhere else there’s room and where their growth isn’t going to distract from your garden design.

Phlox is a Great Choice


This spreading, low-growing plant creates a blossom blanket throughout the summer. There are even perennial varieties that are ideal for covering your ground year-round. Most of it will grow in the 4-8 zones. To get the best results, test your soil before you plant it. This will tell you if you have to make any changes before planting.

Coneflowers are Great for Butterflies

These are among the best flowers if you want to attract butterflies. They add flashy bits of color to your landscape in the late summer. Plant them in low-growing perennial beds where they’re going to stand out.

They are winter hardy through the country, which means they are perfect for Massachusetts. They’re drought-tolerant once they’re established and they can adapt easily to wet-dry soil in rain gardens.

Lantana are a People & Butterfly Pleaser


These flowers produce gorgeous color, displaying lovely clusters of eye-catching, tiny blooms in many colors. They are typically grown as annuals, they can be used as accent shrubs or low hedge.

They are fairly easy to care for. Water it regularly when you newly plant it to ensure that healthy roots develop. Even though they are tolerant to heat and drought when they are established, they will give you the best results when they get around 1″ of water each week through irrigation or rainfall.

Pot Marigold is a Simple Yet Beautiful Choice

Pot Marigold

Although marigolds are one of the simplest plants, they are also great for attracting butterfies.

These come in many different colors and thier blooms last as long as 8 weeks during the summer. They’re a quick growing plant to attrawct butterflies.

Pot marigolds’ blooms last up to eight weeks in the summer and are a quick-to-grow plant.

These are five beautiful plants that you can add to your garden to attract butterflies. If you are interested in knowing more about our plant care program or you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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