4 Creepy Skin-Crawling Mosquito Facts

We have been posting a lot of blogs lately about mosquitos and ticks, including one about herbs that repel mosquitos. Our last post talked about some myths that people believe about mosquitos. So today’s about some mosquito facts that you may not know. We bet you’re just ‘itching’ to find out these mosquito facts.

mosquito facts

Mosquito Facts 1 – You May be More Attractive Due to Your Blood Type

Do you seem to be bitten more than your family and friends? It could be due to your blood type. Researchers discovered that people whose blood is Type O were bitten the most. Type A people were the least likely to be bitten and Type B people were smack dab in the center. Not only that, but 85% of the population produce something that tells the type of blood they have. If you secrete this substance and you’re Type O there’s a good chance that you are going to be bitten.

Mosquito Fact 2 – They’re the Planet’s Deadliest Creature

Everyone is afraid of sharks, but they usually cause only 10 deaths in a year. Mosquitos? They cause 750k deaths per year. This is because they carry many deadly diseases, like West Nile, dengue fever, malaria, and yellow fever. Over half of the deaths that are related to mosquitos are due to malaria. Another big disease is dengue fever.

Mosquito Facts 3 – They Lay A LOT Of Eggs

At one time, females can lay as many as 300 eggs. Times that by 3-4 in her lifetime, and that can mean as many as 1,200 just from a single female. And, she only needs the amount of water that can fit in your favorite soda’s bottlecap. Pretty shocking, isn’t it?

Mosquito Fact 4 – They Don’t Live Very Long

This is one fact that you will be glad about. When you see a mosquito, you won’t have to be concerned about them bugging you for a while. It’s estimated they don’t live past their 2 month mark. So, don’t feel too bad about swatting them because you’re just shortening their life a bit.

These are four mosquito facts that you may not have known. Yes, moaquitos are annoying and they can make the summer unbearable. But you have to admit, the facts about them are kind of cool. If you are worried about having a mosquito free summer, give us a call. We have organic pest control methods that are safe both for pets and humsna but mosquitos hate.

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