3 Mosquito Myths You May Believe

Summer is officially here, and unfortunately so are the mosquitos. But there are a few mosquito myths that you may believe which could increase your chances of being bit or could make your summer more uncomfortable. So lets look at three mosquito myths.

mosquito myths

Mosquito Myths 1 Males & Female Mosquitos Bite

Just the females bite. The males feed on plant juices and nectar. The protein from human and animal blood is used by the females for developing her eggs. So, if you get bit by a mosquito, it’s a female.

Mosquito Myth 2 – Mosquitos Die After They Bite Humans

Unlike some bee species, a mosquito won’t die after they bite a human. The truth is that some of the mosquito species can bite more than one time during the evening until they’re full.

For instance, when honeybees sting, that barb becomes stuck inside the animal or human that they stung. The stinger’s ripped from the bee’s body, causing the bee to instantly die. However, a mosquito uses a mouthpiece called a proboscis. When she’s done feeding, the proboscis isn’t left behind. Therefore, she’ll fly away unharmed and full.

Mosquito Myths 3 You can Repel Mosquitos By Eating Certain Things

There are particular fragrances that you can put on your skin, like peppermint and lavender essential oils that will deter them from biting. However, there isn’t any scientific evidence that shows eating something in particular is going to help you with repelling them naturally.

That being said, it was discovered that beer drinkers had more trouble with mosquitoes landing on them than those who didn’t drink beer.

Mosquito Myth 4 -What You Wear Doesn’t Make a Difference

The truth is that it’s been discovered that people who wear dark colored clothing are more likely to be bitten by mosquitos than those who wear clothing in light colors. So, it’s best to wear tans, whites, light colored pastel colors. Besides, these colors are also cooler in the summer!

We hope that you found our article interesting and informative. Here’s another helpful article about the diseases that mosquitos can carry. Please keep coming back as we cover more interesting and helpful topics.

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