Want to Fight Horsetail? Here are 3 Tips

Horsetail is an invasive weed that many people find in their lawns and their gardens. If you find this on your properry, below are three steps that you want to take to help get rid of this bothersome weed.

fight horsetail

Improve Drainage to Fight Horsetail

One of the best things that you can do to help with combating horsetail is to improve drainage in your lawn. This can be done by filling in low or boggy spots with some more soil. Dig some drainage trenches so that you can siphon the runoff from the garden or lawn. Areas that are perpetually moist are spots that horsetail loves and they will often be spots that the grass or plants you want to grow won’t like.

Apply Some Dolomite Lime to Fight Horsetail

Acidic environments are great for horsetail. So adding lime to your soil is going to reduce the soil’s acidity overall and make it less hospitable to the horsetail. When you change the chemistry of the soil, you also can make the other plants in your yard healthier which also can help with choking horsetail out. Just make sure that you are following the package’s instructions before you put it on.

Fertilize to Fight Horsetail

After you apply the dolomite, wait two weeks and then put some fertilizer in your soil. If you are adding fertilizer and lime simultaneously, the nitrogen and lime are going to work against each other. Water your lime into your soil, wait a minimum of 14 days, and then apply a high-nitrogen, slow-release fertilizer. It’s not going to kill the weeds. But it’s going to boost the growth of desired plants and alter the conditions so that horsetail isn’t happy growing there.

These are three things that you can do to help you to fight horsetail. We hope that you found this blog to be helpful. If you are interested in having professional lawn care services, contact us here for a quote.

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