What To Consider About Commercial Landscaping

Curb appeal is essential to how people view your business. Commercial properties should appear flawless and professional with a well-maintained outdoor landscape. Not only must you choose the best types of plants for your commercial outdoor space, but you must also keep the landscape well-maintained and healthy to present your best to your customers. 

When someone enters your commercial property, they first notice its outer appearance, including landscaping. A beautiful and well-maintained landscape is essential for customers and provides your employees with a sense of pride about where they work. Following a few simple commercial landscaping tips ensures your company is presenting itself professionally through its outdoor spaces. 

Focus On The Entrance

The entrance to your commercial property should be inviting and appealing. Create welcoming and distinct access to your property and building by focusing on the entrance landscaping. Use plantings to create a variety of textures and colors and line pathways with foliage that is pleasing to the eye. Set the tone of your customer’s experience by planting trees, shrubs, and flowers that reflect your company’s brand. 

Consider Adding Decorative Features And Hardscapes

Use decorative features like statues and fountains in your landscaping to add a special touch. Choose appealing landscape features that complement your commercial building’s architectural style. Consider how hardscaping features can add functionality to your outside space, such as benches and gazebos. You can also use the stone to make pathways for customers to guide them around your commercial property.

Create Ambiance And Increase Safety With Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is essential for your commercial property to create ambiance and increase safety. Light shows off your commercial space at night and helps people safely traverse the property when it is dark. Light pathways, stairways, parking areas, and doorways and entrances improve security and ensure people can see where they are going. 

Keep Landscape Maintained

Your commercial landscape should always be maintained and well-kept. Regardless of the extent of your landscaping, keeping it in order sends a clear message to your customers that you are organized and capable of professionalism. Remove any dying or damaged plantings, repair broken pavers, keep any hardscaping clean, and mow grass weekly for a professional appearance. Ensure that fallen leaves and grass clippings are removed from the property and that your lawncare specialist fertilizes plants and grass as needed to stay healthy. 

Use A Landscape Company For Your Commercial Property

As tempting as it may be to tackle your commercial landscape yourself, you will save money and time by hiring a commercial landscaping company to handle all your landscaping needs. Professional landscaping companies will plan, plant, and maintain your commercial outdoor spaces, so your property stays in beautiful condition all year. Curb appeal is the first impression customers get of your company, make sure you are sending the right message with attractive, healthy landscaping. 

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