Pets and Ticks – 3 Tips to Keep Furry Friends Safe

pets and ticks

Two days ago, we posted a blog about protecting yourself, your spouse, and your children from tick bites.  Today, we are going to talk about protecting another member of your family from tick bites – your pets.

Pets And Ticks Tip 1  – Check Them Regularly

Really, the best way that you can protect pets from ticks is to catch the issue early. If you have a dog, especially, who likes to go through the heavy brush or tall grass, check them periodically for any ticks. You should focus on their ears, head, feat, neck, and in between their toes.

Remember that it’s hard to detect a tick bite after they’re not on the dog anymore. These kinds of bites often won’t itch. Therefore, unless the tick’s been spotted it’s not likely you’re going to know they’ve been bitten. At least check them once daily, or more than once if you’re in a high-risk area. This is going to help it be more likely that you spot the tick on your dog.

Pets And Ticks Tip 2 – Understand Where Those Bugggers Hide

When it comes to pets and ticks, you have to know your enemy. You can find ticks anywhere there’s wildlife, especially along trails or wooded areas. However, they can be found in dog parks, residential areas, and parks, along with doggy daycare and kennels. Know where your dog’s spending their time. You also want to limit their exposure to areas that are heavily tick-infested.

Pets and Ticks Tip 3 – Make Sure Your Yard’s Treated for Ticks

Look for any places in the yard that could harbor ticks. Areas of very tall grass and overgrown bushes are often hot spots for ticks. So it’s a good idea to remove those threats by trimming, weeding or mowing. It’s also a good idea to have a professional come in to check for ticks.

These are three good tips that you can use when it comes to pets and ticks and keeping furry friends safe. If you are interested in having organic pest control for things such as mosquitos and ticks, we are happy to give you a quote. Simply contact us through our website and we’ll be glad to answer any of your questions.

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