4 Massachusetts Fall Lawncare Tips

Massachusetts Fall Lawncare Tips

If you are in Massachusetts, one of the things that you want to do is take care of your lawn. We have gathered some Massachusetts fall lawncare tips that you can use to take care of your lawn.

Massachusetts Fall Lawncare Tips 1 – Keep Mowing

Even though the lawn’s not growing as fast, you should keep mowing during the fall. You want to drop the mower blades to their lowest setting as it comes closer to the winter months. It’s going to make sure the sun reaches your grass’s crown.

Massachusetts Fall Lawncare Tips 2 – Correctly Water Your Lawn

Your lawn is going to see a lot more moisture and dew and it won’t evaporate as much during the fall. However, you still may need to water it. Your lawn’s roots will need to remain hydrated during the winter. A rain gauge will be a good way to make sure it gets a minimum of an inch per week.

Massachusetts Fall Lawncare Tips 3 – Aerate the Lawn

Fall’s a great time to aerate the lawn. It’s going to let water and nutrients get to the lawn’s roots. An aerator will punch holes into the soil and take out plugs of dirt. It lets it get better airflow so that your grass gets more hydration, nutrients, and oxygen.

Massachusetts Fall Lawncare Tips 4 – Rake the Leaves

Leaves that linger will block the sunlight from getting to your lawn. They can collect moisture easily and then prevent your lawn from getting enough water. If there are a lot of them in one spot, they can kill the grass eventually. So you should get rid of the leaves either by raking or by hiring someone to do it.

These are four Massachusetts fall lawncare tips that you can use to help your lawn get through the winter. If you are interested, we offer lawncare services. Contact us here for a quote. We’re also on Facebook.

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