Lawn Renovation – How Bad is Your Lawn?

Welcome to August! Hard to believe it’s August 2nd already, isn’t it? We hope you had a good weekend. Now that we’re almost done summer and on our way to the cooler weather of fall, why not take a look at your lawn? Lawn renovation may not be something you have considered, but it’s something that every homeowner should consider at least once every couple of years. But before you know whether a lawn renovation is in your near future, you need to look at yours and see what type of shape it’s in.

lawn renovation

Decent Lawns – Probably Don’t Need Lawn Renovation

These are lawns that are well-established lawns that need some care and thickening up so they can be their best. They might be thinned out slightly in some of their areas and they might have some weeds. However, these lawns are usually in decent shape.

“Not-So-Great” Lawns – Might be Time to Consider It

These are lawns that are thinning or have multiple spots that are bare. They don’t need complete overhauls but they need lots of help. These lawns may also not have a lot of color to them and they might struggle much more with weed problems.

“Terrible” Lawns – Time for a Lawn Renovation

Of all of the lawn categories, this is the one that needs the most love. These lawns have more weeds or spots that are bare instead of healthy grass. These lawns need complete overhauls so that they can look beautiful and healthy once again.

Of the three categories of lawns, this one is obviously the worst. It’s the lawn that has more bare spots or weeds than it does healthy turfgrass. The “terrible” lawn would require a total overhaul to get into good shape.

Now that you know of the three categories there are when it comes to lawn renovation, which category does your lawn fit into? Is it time for you to renovate your lawn? If you think that it may be time, why not contact us? We will be happy to come out and give you an estimate and show you what we can do for you. You can also follow us on Facebook.

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