4 Quick Late Winter Lawn Tips

late winter lawn tips

Now that we are a month away from spring, we thought we’d help you get started with some late winter lawn tips. These are going to help you to have a better chance of a healthy lawn when the spring comes.

Late Winter Lawn Tips 1 – Keep Your Yard Clear During Winter

Make sure that you are keeping your yard clear of anything during the winter. Even though it may be covered in ice and snow, you want to make sure that any fallen branches are picked up. Otherwise, this can lead to snow mold.

Late Winter Lawn Tips 2  – Protect Your Lawn in Winter’s Last Weeks

You want to protect grass from snow piles and regular traffic when winter is ending. Keep your driveway, paths, and sidewalks clear so that there are safe places for people to walk. But you also want to avoid piling up snow on your lawn or making it so that people have to walk on the grass and tramples it down. When winter ends, break up ice piles and spread any snow around so that it melts quicker.

As winter turns to spring, the grass that is growing can be damaged easily by piled snow or foot traffic. Not only that, but snow piles take much longer to melt. They can block grass from getting the necessary sun in springtime. This causes your grass to take longer to become green and start to grow.

Late Winter Lawn Tips 3 – Groom Your Grass When Spring Starts

There’s a good chance that your grass will look worn down and sad when there’s no more snow. Winter’s a big challenge for your lawn. In the early part of spring rake your lawn lightly. This will help with perking up your turf before its growing season. Once the soil has dried out some, clear away dead grass and leaves carefully using your leaf rake. Doing this will help with breaking up matted grass and also will improve airflow to your grass.

Don’t rake until the ground’s firmed up and dried. If you have muddy soil, you could damage your grass by working and walking on it. You also should remember that it’s important to be gentle.  Your new growth and old grass both are fragile. Not only that, but if the soil is moist, you may accidentally pull the blades from the ground.

Late Winter Lawn Tips 4 – Help Your Grass Get Fresh Air

You should make sure you’re aerating and seeding our lawn during the peak of the growing season.  This will help your grass to quickly bounce back. Aerators bore shallow, small holes in the ground. This breaks up the compact soil and provides enough space for your lawn to grow. This also allows the roots to get nutrients and fresh air more efficiently.

When you aerate in the early part of spring, you are going to give your turf a lot more room to flourish. You also will help with preventing the grass from becoming overly compacted in the spring and the summer. This also can help the lawn to recover if you have an unusual season during the winter, with fluctuating temperatures.

These are 4 late winter lawn tips that you can use this year to help your lawn. We hope that you found this useful. And don’t forget, we offer lawn services. Contact us today to get a quote or follow us on Facebook.

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