Decluttering Your Bedroom – 5 Quick Tips

Another place that often has a lot of junk and clutter in it is in the bedroom. So, as part of our junk removal posts for January, we thought we’d do a blog about decluttering your bedroom. Here are 5 quick and easy tips that you can use to make your bedroom look much neater.

Decluttering Your Bedroom Tip 1 – Go Through Your Closet

This is something that often will need decluttering. Remove all of the items in the closet and then sort the items into groups. This will include the thing that you want to keep, the things that you want to donate, and things you want to toss out. This is probably going to take some time. Therefore, you want to plan for that time.

Decluttering Your Bedroom Tip 2 – Do Declutter Sweeps Frequently

Spend 30 minutes total decluttering your bedroom weekly. Prepare a recycling bin and laundry hamper, and then:

  • Put dirty clothes and linens in your hamper
  • Clear the tops of dressers, nightstands, and more
  • Return your clean clothing to dressers and the closet
  • Put the items that are out of place in your catch-all bin
  • Return those items in the bin to their right places.

Decluttering Your Bedroom Tip 3 – Remove the Clutter from Beneath the Bed

This is something that you should do regularly because it’s surprising how quickly that can fill up. Start by taking everything from beneath the bed that you are storing. Sweep the area and vacuum it thoroughly so that you remove any bacterial, dust, and dirt that have accumulated under there. then you want to go through your storage bins and boxes. Take some time to sort the contents and organize them, figuring out what you want to donate, keep, or put in storage.

Decluttering Your Bedroom Tip 4 – Purchase Furniture Having Built-in Storage

If you’ve filled your bedroom’s cabinets and closets, think about purchasing furniture with storage in it. A good example is a bunch. You can sit on it and you can also store extra clothes, shoes, towels, and linens in it. Below are some other things that you can look into:

  • Bed frames with drawers
  • Platform storage beds
  • Bookshelves doubling as your headboard
  • Organizers in storage drawers
  • Storage ottomans
  • Stack cabinets
  • Fold-down desks

Decluttering Your Bedroom Tip 5 – Reduce Your Accessories & Shoes

Having a lot of accessories is an easy mistake to make, especially when you do a lot of thrift store shopping. But this can help with building up clutter. When you are buying belts, purses, and other accessories, you want to buy them wisely. If you have too many, chances are that they’ll get misplaced.

Another thing that often will clutter up your bedroom is shoes. It’s a good idea to get rid of the extra ones that don’t fit anymore or that are really worn. Think about donating, toss or recycling them.

We hope that you found this to be very helpful, and don’t forget we offer junk removal services. Contact us for a no-obligation quote.

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