Decluttering A Medicine Cabinet – 5 Quick Steps

decluttering a medicine cabinet

Although we are talking about junk removal this month, we also want to give you some handy tips on decluttering other parts of your house. Today, we are going to talk about something you may not have considered – decluttering your medicine cabinet. Below are some quick and easy steps that you can use to help this chore be simple.

Decluttering A Medicine Cabinet – Remove Everything

The first thing that you want to do is to clean out your medicine cabinet. This will help you see what you have and also give you the chance to wipe everything down. Wipe your shelves down. If there’s a mirror inside of it, wipe your mirror down too. You want to wipe everything down, inside and out. Chances are that you may see some drips and drops of toothpaste and other things that have collected there and made a mess.

Decluttering A Medicine Cabinet – Combine Duplicates

Anything that you can consolidate, such as bandages, you should place into one package or container. This is going to help you with saving space.

Decluttering A Medicine Cabinet – Purge

Anything that isn’t used, get rid of it. For example, really small tubes of toothpaste or shampoo bottles from hotels.

Decluttering A Medicine Cabinet – Put Like Items with Like Items

All OTC and prescription bottles can be put on the same part of a shelf.

Decluttering A Medicine Cabinet – Prioritize Your Shelf Space

Toss any backup or duplicate products that you can’t combine, such as another toothpaste tube into a box in the nearest closet. You also can nestle that in your shelves under the sink.

Have another 10 minutes? Let’s move on.

Gather your little jars that have been saved for no real reason. They make great containers for things like cotton swabs, disposable razors, bobby pins, and bandages. This will let you consolidate space and stow your larger packages someplace else.

Use the Closet or Under-Sink Space to Store Bulk Items

Stock the medicine cabinet similar to stocking a room in a hotel with the things you need for 1-2 weeks. Unseemly, giant supply packages you can tuck behind closed doors while you’re parceling out manageable amounts into those small jars.

These are five steps to decluttering a medicine cabinet. Need help with decluttering something bigger or with junk removal? Contact us for a quote.

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