Pros & Cons of Compost Mulch

If you are looking for a good type of mulch, compost is a good choice. Of course, with a lot of different types of mulch, compost has its pros and cons. Below are some of the pros and cons of compost as mulch.

Pros and Cons of Compost Mulch – Pros

  • It reduces evaporation, insulates plant roots, and nourishes the food web of the soil. It also is a great natural fertilizer.
  • It has a fine, fluffy texture and is high in nutrients, so it’s a wonderful choice when it comes to flower beds, herb gardens, vegetable gardens, and container gardens. It’s easy to plant around and work with.
  • It’s friendly to pollinators, since bees that are ground-dwelling like to burrow through it.
  • Made from food and landscape material, it’s environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Pros and Cons of Compost Mulch – Cons

  • It quickly decomposes, so you have to replenish it a lot more often when compared with other kinds of mulch. The good news is that since you are always using a lot of the items in your home, it’s easy to replenish.
  • It might not be good at suppressing weeds like other kinds of mulch unless you apply it really thickly.
  • If the manure isn’t properly composted it could contain a lot of nitrogen. Not only that but you shouldn’t use manure from cats, pigs, or dogs because they carry harmful pathogens.

These are some of the pros and cons of compost as mulch. If you are looking for an affordable and sustainable option for your mulch, choosing compost is a good idea.

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