Christmas Decorations – 5 Easy Roof Decor Tips

christmas decorations

Hello! We hope that you had a good weekend. Today is our last holiday decor blog. Today we are going to talk about roof Christmas decorations. Below are 5 tips that you can use when you are putting Christmas decorations on your roof.

Consider the Weight of Your Christmas Decorations

When you are choosing the décor for your roof and home, think about your décor’s weight. Some of the rooftop decorations such as a nativity scene or large sleigh will put a lot of weight on your roof. Not every home is able to withstand that weight. This is especially important in Massachusetts since we often can get a lot of snow. The heavy décor and snow can damage your roof significantly, or it can even make it collapse.

It’s a good idea to look for lightweight, small decorations to put on your roof. Christmas lights are one of the best options since they’re versatile and don’t have many risks that other bigger choices might have.

Don’t Go on The Roof to Put Up Christmas Decorations

Walking or stepping on the roof while you put up your decorations can lead to damage to your roof’s materials. The shingles crack, loosen or lose granules. If you have a metal roof, it can be dented easily. It’s also dangerous to walk on the roof because rain, ice, and snow make it slippery. It’s a much better option to use a ladder so that you and your roof stay safe from damage.

Use Clips When Using Lights for Christmas Decorations

Using staples or nails for hanging your décor and Christmas lights to the roof will put holes in your roofing materials. These kinds of lights could break your roof’s seal and let the water come into your roofing system. As time goes by, this can lead to bad water damage to your home’s attic and roof. You may not even know about it until the damage is bad.

A better choice is fasteners that won’t cause damage to the roof. Clips made for Christmas lights are ideal for your decorative lights. These clips are small and lightweight, and they’re often made from plastic. They fasten onto your gutters or roof’s edge to hold your lights. There are many different types of clips that you can choose from, including ones for the shingled roofs and metal roofs, along with clips made for tiled roofs.

Practice Ladder Safety

Make sure that you’re taking the right precautions when using your ladder for hanging your lights. Be sure that you’re placing the ladder someplace stable that isn’t slippery or wet. It’s also important to have someone at your ladder’s base so that they can hand you the decorations.

Keep any Inflatable Christmas Decorations Off the Roof

Fastening a large inflatable decoration to the roof of your home can be very dangerous if you have a shingled roof. If the decoration catches a big wind, it might be lifted off of your roof and then carried away. This can even take away your shingles as well. it’s a good idea to keep any inflatable Christmas decoration such as reindeer or snowmen on your lawn. This will help you with achieving a very festive look and your roof will stay safe and strong.

These are 5 tips that you can use when you are putting Christmas decorations up on your roof. We hope that you have a great holiday season. If you are interested, we offer holiday decor as one of our services. Contact us here to find out more.

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