9 Easy Gardening Tips for January

gardening tips for january

Welcome to the new year! Yes, gardening might seem like the last thing on your mind right now, but now is the best time to get started so that when planting time comes, you are ready. Below are some gardening tips for January.

9 Gardening Tips for January

  • Begin looking for some gardening catalogs. Then start writing a gardening journal either using a notebook or an app.
  • Check your old seeds to make sure they’re viable. While you’re doing this, paste labels on the envelopes to indicate when they need to be planted. You also should say whether they need to be soaked. Sort the seeds according to their timetable.
  • Your indoor plants are going to be dry during the winter. Regularly mist them. You should water them sparingly through the winter. It’s a good idea to stand them inside a tray filled with wet gravel.
  • Rotate your indoor plants each week. This will keep your growth even.
  • Check to see if your indoor plants have insects on them. If you find them, rinse them using soapy water.
  • Remove heavy snow from your evergreens.
  • Stomp circles around your fruit tree trunks that could be vulnerable to damage from rodents.
  • If you had a live Christmas tree, put it outside to give birds shelter. You can also smear its branches using peanut butter and corn meal. This is something that birds will love. You can also cut the boughs off to put on your flower beds to give them extra protection.
  • Keep your bird feeders filled.

Thanks for reading! We hope that you liked our gardening tips for January. Next month, we’ll talk about what to do in February.

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