5 Winter Tree Care Tips

Winter Tree Care Tips

Now that winter is almost here, you want to know how to take care of your trees. That’s why we have included some helpful winter tree care tips below. These will help you with keeping your trees healthy during the winter.

Winter Tree Care Tips 1 – Provide Soil Moisture

Make sure that your evergreens and larger trees have enough moisture while they’re going through the cooler weather seasons. It’s going to determine how well the plants are going to get through the cold season and the spring, particularly evergreens.

Winter Tree Care Tips 2 – Clean Up

Clean up those areas around the fruit plants and trees. Make sure that you are getting rid of any fallen fruit, branches, and diseased leaves. That will give you a start that is cleaner in the spring.

Winter Tree Care Tips 3 – Keep Planting Trees & Shrubs

If the soil’s workable and you have good weather, you are able to keep on planting through the end of the year. Fall’s a great time to plant evergreens and most trees.

Winter Tree Care Tips 4 – Water as Needed

Water your newly planted shrubs and trees as you need to until the weather is consistently cold. You also should check the moisture of the soil between your foundation and your foundation plants.

Winter Tree Care Tips 5 – Mulch When Ground Freezes

You also can mulch when the temperatures go into the low 40s and lower. You also should make sure that the mulch is away from your trees’ trunks. You also should keep it away from the base of the majority of your landscape plants. This will give you critter protection.

These are five winter tree care tips that you can use to help your trees to be healthy in the winter. We offer tree care services, so contact us with any questions or for a quote. We’re also on Facebook.

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