5 Tips for Choosing a Pumpkin

Choosing a Pumpkin

Halloween is the time to carve pumpkins. Want to choose the right pumpkin? Here are some tips for choosing a pumpkin.

Choosing a Pumpkin Tips 1 – Avoid Cuts & Soft Spots

While you are looking for your pumpkin, make sure that you are avoiding ones that have cuts or soft spots. These are some signs that it’s beginning to rot. You should look for one that’s firm no matter where you touch.

Choosing a Pumpkin Tips 2 – Check the Stem

The strength and size of a pumpkin’s stem are some good signs of a healthy, strong pumpkin. Look for one that has a stem that’s a minimum of 2” in width. You also want to try choosing one that has a green stem. This indicates that it was harvested recently. It’s going to last long on the porch.

Choosing a Pumpkin Tips 3 –  Check Its Color

When you are choosing a pumpkin to carve, you want to find one that is orange all around. Don’t choose one that has brown spots or green patches. Green means that it’s underripe. Brown means it’s overripe. These kinds of pumpkins are often difficult to carve.

Choosing a Pumpkin Tips 4 – Avoid Pumpkins That are Frost-Bitten

It’s easy to look and see if the pumpkin is frostbitten. Look at the color around the stem. If the color isn’t as bright as the remainder of the pumpkin, you should choose another one.

Choosing a Pumpkin Tips 5 – Don’t Carry Pumpkins by Their Stems

When you have chosen your pumpkin, carry the pumpkin from its bottom. It might seem like the stem is sturdy. However, it isn’t to be used as a handle. You might drop it if you do this.

These are some great tips that you can use for choosing your pumpkin. They will help you with finding the perfect one for a jack o lantern.

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