5 Icicle Safety Tips

Icicle Safety Tips

Now that winter is here, one of the things that you are going to see a lot of is icicles. These are pretty but they also can be dangerous. That’s why you want to know how to remove icicles safely. Here are five icicle safety tips.

5 Icicle Safety Tips

·        Don’t stand under structures that have icicles hanging on them. The icicles’ weight can cause awnings, ornamental features, and gutters to fall and collapse from your home.

·        Use a long enough wooden pole so that you can knock down icicles safely without causing you injury because you have to stand beneath the icicles. You also don’t want to have to reach too far.

·        Tap your icicles. Don’t hit them using excessive force. When you hit them too hard, it might cause damage to your house where the icicle formed. If it doesn’t break loose, you can contact someone who is professional and who can do it for you.

·        If you have large icicles, have them removed by someone with the right equipment for dealing with them.

·        Don’t place a ladder right against a gutter that has icicles on it. The ladder’s pressure could cause the icicles to fall and injure you or damage the property below.

These are five icicle safety tips that you can use to help you stay safe when it comes to icicles. Are you concerned about keeping your gutters healthy this winter? We offer gutter cleaning services. Contact us here to get a quote. We’re also on Facebook.

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