4 Big Ways Hardscaping Increases Home Value

If you think that you may sell your home in the future, you’ll want ot look for ways that you can increase its value. But what you may not know is that hardscaping increases home value. Below are four reasons why it’s a good idea to add hardscaping to your home, no matter if you sell it in the future or not.

hardscaping increases home value

Hardscaping increases Home Value by Adding Curb appeal

One thing that many realtors agree on is that the first impression of a home is going to be huge when you are trying to sell it. Simple updates like adding a retaining wall or some paving stones on your garden’s edges can make a big difference by adding curb appeal and value.

Varying hardscape textures and colors in your front outside living space will give the most visual appeal. A hardscape can also make it a lot easier to do regular maintenance, like making a ring of trees from retaining walls and using pavers to surround it so that you reduce the need to trim after you mow.

It Adds Value by Increasing Usable Space

Hardscaping increases home value by increasing your home’s usable space. Think about what you can do with a patio. Yes, you can entertain out on the grass. But with a patio you can do so much more. You can even create a safe space to put your grill. You can give your children a place to rollerblade or skateboard in your yard, and a lot more. In many ways, having a patio or deck brings the inside outside and gives you a comfortable place to entertain outside.

Hardscaping Adds Home Value by Preventing Erosion

Property damage can decrease your home’s value along with create some major headaches for you and for anyone who purchases your home. A retaining wall is essential to help you with preventing erosion, controlling your yard’s grade changes, and stopping the damage to your landscape as well as possible damage to the house.

Hardscaping Provides Safety & Privacy

The last way hardscaping increases home value is by providing privacy and safety. Adding a seat wall can give you some protection against natural elements and some privacy. If you want to add some safety to your property, you can put in energy-efficient lighting along your paver walkway, patio and under the caps of retaining walls. This will provide nighttime functionality and ambience.

As you can see, there are at least four ways hardscaping increases home value. If you are planning to sell your home now or in the near future and you want to look into hardscaping, contact us. We’ll be glad to evaluate your property and listen to your ideas.

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