3 Simple Crabgrass Prevention Tips

crabgrass prevention tips
Crabgrass prevention tips are something that everyone can use.

Crabgrass is one of the most common problems that homeowners have to deal with when they are taking care of their lawns. The good news is that there are crabgrass prevention tips that you can use to help you with preventing this common problem. below are three tips that you can use to help you have a healthy lawn so that you can crowd out annoying crabgrass.

Crabgrass Prevention Tips 1 – Mow Your Lawn at the Right Height

Crabgrass can be discouraged when you mow the grass at the right height for your kind of grass. When you mow higher, usually at your mower’s two top settings, will allow the taller blades of grass to shade your soil. This helps with preventing crabgrass seeds from germinating.

Crabgrass Prevention Tips 2 – Feed It Regularly.

A lawn that is thick and full usually won’t contain a lot of crabgrass. However, when it’s stressed out and underfed, weeds often will overtake it. Regularly feeding the lawn, every 6-8 weeks, can help the lawn remain lush and thick, which will make it less hospitable to things like crabgrass since there isn’t a lot of room that they can grow in.

Crabgrass Prevention Tips 3 – Water Your Lawn Deeply

Weeds will grow better in adverse conditions than the majority of grasses. Frequent, shallow watering will encourage the growth of shallow roots, which makes your grass a lot more likely to suffer when you have heat or drought. This type of dress can cause thin patches as well as bare spots. This is something that crabgrass loves. You should water your lawn deeply and infrequently. This is going to encourage the development of deeper roots and thicker grass to crowd the weeds out.

These are three crabgrass prevention tips that you want to use when you are looking for ways you can avoid this common problem. That’s not to say that you are going to avoid all types of crabgrass. However, your lawn is going to be a lot healthier and that can reduce your chances.

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