3 Common Snow Removal Mistakes

Snow Removal Mistakes

When the snow is falling, snow removal becomes a priority. But a lot of people make snow removal mistakes. Below are three common snow removal mistakes to avoid making.

Snow Removal Mistakes 1 – Not Doing it Right Away

The last thing that you want to do is to wait really long to do it. This isn’t an issue if it’s only a little bit. But if you have had a lot of snow falling, then you don’t want to wait. When snow accumulates, it’s going to be harder and heavier for you to remove. When you shovel and remove it frequently, the job will be less stressful and easier.

Snow Removal Mistakes 2 – Using the Wrong Technique

A lot of people think that scooping, lifting, and tossing snow is the way to go. But this is wrong. It can make you overexert yourself and can cause injury. It’s also not going to remove the snow any quicker.

You want to make more than one pass at the snow as it’s falling. You want to do your best to keep up so that you’re not shoveling 2-3” at once.  You also want to use the pushing method rather than lifting or tossing it.

Snow Removal Mistakes 3 – Making Paths that are Narrow

A common place where you’re going to remove the snow is your walkway. A lot of people are tempted to snow a path that is narrowed out just for passing through. However, this can cause issues as time goes by.

Paths usually narrow as time goes by, and more snow falls so the snowbanks will melt and refreeze. If your path’s wide in the beginning, the narrowing that happens isn’t going to obscure it.

These are common snow removal mistakes. When you are shoveling or snow blowing, make sure that you avoid making them. or you can hire us to do your snow removal for you. Contact us today. We’re also on Facebook.

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