3 Benefits of Planting in the Fall

planting in the fall

Many people think of planting as something that you do in the spring. But there is a lot to be said about planting in the fall. Below are three benefits that are enjoyed by plants when you plant them in the fall.

Planting in the Fall Means Less Stress for Plants

Plants are stressed out by transplanting. This is because they’re introduced to a brand-new environment. This is going to be reduced when you plant in the fall since plants are entering dormancy. The growth’s going from above the ground to below the ground. The roots are storing up energy reserves. Plants that are planted in the fall have this important time for developing their roots before winter.

Plants Have Less Competition from Weeds

When you are transplanting in the fall, there will be fewer weed problems. This will allow the plants to get started for the next season and not have to compete with weeds. Remember that you should mulch around your plants after first freeze if applicable to your plants. This will help with moderating soil temperatures, controlling weeds, and holding the moisture in the soil through winter. But make sure that you aren’t putting mulch close to your plants’ bases. Giving them enough space will ensure that air is exchanged properly.

Planting in the Fall Means Plenty of Beneficial Showers

Cool nights and warm days give you the best environment to transplant and grow your plants. Usually with fall comes cloudy, cool days with frequent rain. Cooler evenings and dew in the morning will let plants to recuperate every night. The rains in the fall also eliminate some of the daily watering.

These are three benefits of planting in the fall. If you are unable to do it yourself, please contact us. We are happy to give you a quote on planting fall bulbs for you.

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