4 Signs a Tree is Dying

Signs a Tree is Dying

Are your trees healthy? They may not be, and you may not know it yet. Do you know the signs a tree is dying? If not, here are some signs to look for so that you know them ahead of time and you may be able to save your tree.

Signs a Tree is Dying 1 – Sticks Laying on the ground

When there are sticks laying on the ground, you have a tree that isn’t healthy. When your tree is healthy, it’s going to have flexible twigs and branches that aren’t breaking off. If you’re seeing broken twigs or branches around your tree, you should have the tree looked at.

Signs a Tree is Dying 2 – Bark Falling Off

If the bark of the tree is peeling and flaking, it isn’t getting enough nutrients. The bark is your tree’s skin.  It’s possible you’ll be able to save your tree when you water the spot where the bark has come off and tape its bark back on so it re-attaches. If the loss of bark is happening because of something infectious, you’ll have to cut your tree down before that infection spreads to your other trees.

Signs a Tree is Dying 3 – Visible Fungus or Rot

When you are seeing tree fungus or rot, it’s bad news. If you’re seeing either of these, it’s essential to immediately act so you can save your tree. Unfortunately, when you have too much damage you won’t be able to do this.

There are some ways that you can treat fungus and rot. However, they might not be worth a try if the damage is too bad. If there’s any possibility that the fungus will spread, you’ll have to take down your tree.

Signs a Tree is Dying 4 – Your Tree’s Leaning

Unless the tree’s growing on a slant, you should not see a tree leaning. If it suddenly begins to fall over, it’s possible the roots are damaged or dying.  It’s possible that the tree can be braced so that it doesn’t completely topple over. However, you shouldn’t think that you can save your tree.  When the tree is leaning, the injury is usually fatal.

These are four signs a tree is dying. Do you want someone to come out and look at your trees? We are glad to come out and take a look at them. Simply contact us here and request a quote.

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