Mosquitos – 6 Fascinating Facts About Nature’s Vampires

Welcome to June! Hope you had a nice Memorial Day weekend. Now that we will be spending more time outside, one of the things we’ll encounter alot of is mosquitos. Those blood-sucking fiends who love to make our lives miserable and itchy. During our next blog, we’ll go over some of the things you can do to protect yourself from mosquitos. But for now we’ll look at some facts about them.


Mosquitos Grow Quickly

An Andes aegypti mosquito will lay around 100 eggs all at one time. These babies grow really fast. The whole life cycle of these mosquitos takes around 7 to 10 days. That’s fast!

They Have Huge Appetites

How much a mosquito eats will depend on their size and species. That being said, some mosquitos will drink their body’s weight in blood in one meal. Imagine eating 150 pounds of food during your lunch!

Some People Are Bitten More Than Others by Mosquitos

If you’re finding that you’re ‘bitten more often than other people, it could be because they’re attracted to your body chemistry. They’re attracted to a mixture of lactic acid, odor, body heat, and carbon monoxide that you exhale when you breathe. Vision and receptors are used to find their next victim.

They’re More Active During Full Moons

Werewolves might not be real, but you should fear the full moon for another reason – mosquitos. Mosquito activity can increase by an astounding 500% during the full moon. That’s because mosquitos use their eyesight to find victims, and this is a lot easier to do by the light of a full moon.

They Don’t Need Much Water

Think you’re safe if you don’t have a lot of stagnant or still water sitting around? Think again. Some mosquitoes are able to breed in under one teaspoon full of water. That’s not a lot. Have an old bottle cap laying around outside? That could easily become a mosquito breeding ground. So make sure that you look around and get rid of any standing water.

Color is a Big Deal to Them

After she’s indulged in some blood-sucking, a female mosquito is going to be looking for a dark place to hide so she can digest her meal. So if you are wearing something dark, she might just decide that you’re the perfect spot. Although she’s already eaten and probably won’t bite, it doesn’t mean that her friends aren’t going to look for a snack. If you are wearing colors that contrast, they might just come for you!

Well, as you can see, there are some interesting facts about those bugs who love to, well, bug us. If you are worried about mosquitoes this summer and you’d like to take care of them naturally, we offer an organic pest control option at an affordable price. Contact us today for more details.

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