How to Easily Organize Your Basement Part 1

Spring is finally here, and that means the weather is nice. Now is the perfect time to clean out your basement and get it organized. So below we are going to do a series of blogs about basement organization. This week’s blog is about getting started..


Start Your Basement Organization by Purging

When you are starting on your basement organization project, you want to purge the items that you don’t use very often. Do you have tools that you only use once a year that your neighbor or a family member also has? Now is the time to find it a new home – either donate it if it’s in good shape or put it in the trash.

Don’t Store Anything There That Could get Mildewy

After you have decided what you are keeping, you want to sort the things out that can be stored that and what shouldn’t. Since most basements are below the ground, they’re often damp. That encourages mildew and mold to grow. Therefore, there are a few things that should never be stored down there unless you know it’s dry.

Be sure you have a dry basement, and the humidity is right before you try storing any of the things below in it:

  • Things made of paper such as baseball cards, comic books, photos, and postcards.
  • Comforters, fabric, mattresses and pillows
  • Wooden items such as musical instruments
  • Cardboard boxes

If something can warp, mildew or mold, don’t put it in the basement until you know that there won’t be a continuous problem with moisture. For storage, totes are a much better choice.

Clean & Paint

There are some basements that are always going to have a problem with moisture. This can make storing things in them difficult. But there are steps that you can take to decrease the dampness. These steps below can help.

  • Scrub your floor and walls using water and detergent. Then rinse using a solution of bleach that’s been diluted.
  • When your floor and wall are dry, paint it all with a primer that’s waterproofing and mildew-retardant. Think about using epoxy for your floor after you’ve used the primer. This will help with sealing against moisture.
  • Make sure your dehumidifier is on auto, particularly in summertime. It should be set at 30% humidity.

These tips will help you with getting your basement ready to be organized. Next week we’ll look at some tips on how you can organize your basement and keep it more enjoyable to spend time in and to work in.

If you have junk and you want to have it removed, give us a call. We can remove it ourselves or we’ll bring a dumpster so that you can have a place to put it. It’s totally up to you.

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