Garden Planning – 7 Simple Tips

garden planning

In the beginning of the month, we talked about how you should plan your garden in the month of February. So we thought we’d give you some tips for garden planning. Below are 7 garden planning tips that you use this month.

Garden Planning Tip 1 Order Your Seeds Early

So that you get the seeds that you want, you shouldn’t wait too long to order.  Some of the seed catalogs will warn you that the new types of seeds often sell out fast, so you want to remember that as well.

Garden Planning Tip 2 Map Your Garden Out

Have an estimate of the whole garden space. This is going to help you with determining the number of seeds you want to order.

Garden Planning 3 – Pay Close Attention to the Hardiness Zones

It’s very important to know about your local hardiness zone. Find out your zone and be sure that you’re choosing the seeds that will do well in your climate.  For Massachusetts, our hardiness zones are:

  1. 5a
  2. 6a
  3. 6b
  4. 7a
  5. 7b

Garden Planning 4 – Know the Type of Soil You Have – Before planting, make sure that your soil is tested. This way you are going to know how the soil should be treated for better growth of plants

Garden Planning 5 – Remember Your Garden’s Location

Perhaps you have a plot garden, or maybe you are planting in containers. You need to know this so you can choose the right seeds.

Gardening Tip 6 – Think About the Sunlight Requirements of Plants

Much like the location of your garden, the amount of sunlight that the plants get is going to affect the plants. Some of the plants are full sun, some of them are partial, and some grow in full shade. Plan your garden based on how much sunlight is available and based on the flowers, herbs, and vegetables you’re going to grow.

Garden Planning 7 – Think About Maturity Growth

All of the seeds will say on the package how long it will take until it’s completely mature. It’s necessary to plan these around the frost dates.

These are 7 garden planning tips that you can use to help you get ready for the spring. If you would like help with your garden or with any of our other services, contact us here. You can also contact us through Facebook.

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