Fall is here!

Fall is here and Molly Landscape can help you with all of your lawn and landscaping needs this fall! As we all know our lawns can go through a lot when fall comes near. From compacted soil due to heat stress, rain and plain old wear and tear to fungus,disease and more we need to be prepared to handle all of these issues!

What do I need to do for my Milton lawn this fall?

There are three big things we often suggest our homeowners in Milton and surround areas do for the fall. Each of the below listed process will help your lawn both healthwise and look wise as well.

Aeration & Overseeding

Aerate and Overseed your lawn each fall for a lush and healthier look and feel. Aeration and seeding provide a ton of healthy benefits to your turf and the process is well worth it! Learn more at our aeration and seeding page!

Fall Clean Up

Having a fall clean up can be great for both the look and feel of your lawn! Our team here at Molloy Landscape have been providing top of the line fall clean ups since the 1960’s! We would love to help you with this!

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