3 Tips on How to Attract Ladybugs to Your Garden

attract ladybugs

If you are looking for beneficial insects for your garden, one of the best ones that you can have are ladybugs. It’s a good thing to attract ladybugs to your garden because they will leave the crops in your garden alone and eat the pests such as mites and aphids. Here are some great tips to help you attract ladybugs to your garden.

Attract Ladybugs by Growing Ladybug Flowers and Plants

Sometimes ladybugs will feed on the nectar if they aren’t finding aphids or mites. Think about growing flowers that are brightly colored such as marigolds, calendulas, and cosmos. These plants also have leaves that can give your ladybugs shelter

Attract Ladybugs by Building a Shelter for Them

Provide a handy shelter for the ladybugs by putting a house for them in your garden. This is generally a small box made of wood that’s been filled with pieces of wood such as bamboo canes. This also might attract other insects that you’ll love such as bees and green lacewings. It gives them a place to hibernate and shelter.

Attract Ladybugs by Adding a Source for Water

Like most other types of creatures, ladybugs also require water to live. Placing a few paper towels dampened with water in the garden is a good place to start. They also will drink the dew from plants, so it’s not a bad idea to spray down the plant foliage.

Now that you know of some ways that you can attract ladybugs to your garden, there’s another way that you can add them to your garden, and that is by purchasing them. below are some tips that you can consider if you’re going to purchase your ladybugs and release them.

Release them in Early Evening

If you release them when it’s sunny and hot, chances are that they’re going to fly away. Wait til dusk falls to release your ladybugs.

Spray Down the Plants

It doesn’t take long for them to become dehydrated. Before releasing your ladybugs, spray your garden’s foliage with lots of water. This will make it easy for them to become hydrated.

Store Your Ladybugs in Your Fridge

If you have decided that you aren’t going to immediately release them, you want to store your ladybugs in your fridge. Their health will quickly deteriorate when they’re left at room temperature.

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