4 Signs Your Gutters Need Cleaning

Do your gutters need cleaning? A lot of people don’t know the answer to that question. They often don’t think about their gutters until there’s a problem. Maybe they have critters around their house, or maybe their gutter is pulling away from their house because it’s so clogged. A lot of people don’t know the signs that their gutters need cleaning. So, we are going to help you by giving you some of the most common signs that your gutters need cleaning.

gutters need cleaning

Staining & Mildew on Your House Mean Your Gutters Need Cleaning

If you are noticing signs of mildew or staining, this could mean that you have standing water in the gutters. Water that’s not flowing through the system might cause some costly damage to your fascia boards that are behind your gutters, your roof’s shingles or your home’s foundation.

Lots of Leaves & Debris = Gutters Need Cleaning

Debris such as leaves accumulating in your gutters is normal. From winds to rains, debris is going to end up into your gutters. This is big reason you want to have regular gutter cleanings. This kind of debris won’t just clog the gutters, it also can attract pests and make plants grow.

Signs of Pests Mean They’re Due for a Cleaning

Things like frogs, mice, squirrels and various other smaller creatures are often going to make their home in your gutters if they think that they’re nice and cozy. These kinds of pesky critters often cause damage to your gutters and can attract bigger, more scary animals such as feral cats and snakes. If you’re noticing signs that you have critters in your gutters, it’s important to have your gutters cleaned quickly.

Plants are Growing

If you are noticing plants growing in the gutters, it’s way past time for them to be cleaned. To have plants growing int eh gutters, you need a layer of debris, dirt and leaves to give their roots protection. The dirt washes down from the roof, which was put there by the wind, into the gutters. Seeds get blown into the dirt and debris already there, and then they grow. That’s why plant growth is a huge sign you need a gutter cleaning.

These are just four signs that your gutters need cleaning. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself and you would like an estimate to have us do it for you, we’re happy to talk to you and answer your questions.  Simply contact us and let us know what you need.

Have a wonderful day!

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