5 Signs You’re Underwatering Your Plants

underwatering your plants

We recently posted a blog about signs that your plants are getting too much water. Today we are going to talk about the opposite – how to know you’re underwatering your plants. Below are five signs that you should look for to know that your plants need more water.

Signs You’re Underwatering Your Plants

Wilting – This is the sign that most people think of when it comes to plants that are underwatered.  When a plant doesn’t get enough water, it loses turgor, which is the rigidity that’s seen in tissues and cells. Some plant diseases also trigger wilting. But most of the time it’s due to a lack of water.

Dry Soil – Is the soil around your plants dry? If so, chances are that it’s not getting enough water. There are a few exceptions, such as some of the succulents, since they don’t require a lot of water because they are able to store it well.

Dread & Dry Leaf Tips – When a plant isn’t getting the amount of water it requires, the edges and tips of its leaves will dry out, then turn brown. As time goes by, the plant’s entire leaves are going to turn brown, eventually dying.

Slow growth – Are you giving your plant just enough water so it survives but not giving it the amount it needs? Then you are going to see slow growth. any new growth, like leaves, also could be small.

Visible Footprints -= Want to know if your turf grass is getting enough water? Look at it after you walk on it. When your grass isn’t getting enough water, you are going to see footprints in the grass.

These are five signs that you are underwatering your plants. The best way that you can tell that your plants are getting enough water, with the exception of some succulents, is to check how wet or dry the soil is. This is going to help you know if you need to give it more water.

We hope that you are enjoying the summer and our blogs. If you need some help with your garden or lawn, or you have any questions about our services, please contact us. We’re glad to get back to you.

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