5 Tips for Picnic Pest Control

pest control

With Memorial Day coming up soon, a lot of people are going to be heading outside for picnics and barbecues. But with eating outside comes the problem of pest control. So here are some tips that you can use to help you with keeping the annoying pests away.

Use Citrus to Help with Pest Control

A lot of bugs try avoiding citrus scents, along with other types of scents. If you are looking for a way you can protect your picnic spot, think about lighting citrus candles. You also can spray that area with some lemon essential oils.

Keep Food Covered or Inside

Food is going to attract bugs. So you want to avoid displaying the food until you’re about to eat. If you’re in your backyard, keep it inside until you’re about to eat. If you’re eating somewhere without a building close by, coolers are a great way to keep the bugs off and keep everything at a safe temperature. Have some sweet things? You want to keep them hidden as long as possible since bugs love sugar.

Don’t Use Bright Colors to Help with Pest Control

A lot of flying pests are going to use colors for pinpointing where things like nectar are. Even though summer clothing is often bright colored, you want to avoid wearing floral patterns and bright colors. Bright, colorful clothing is like ringing the dinner bell to the bugs.

Keep the Yard Clean to Help with Pest Control

Are you eating in your backyard? It’s best to make sure it’s cleared of trash as well as standing water. Annoying insects hate clean yards. If you have noticed a lot of mosquitoes or ants in the yard, it’s a good idea to have that taken care of.

Pick the Spot Carefully

When you are having a picnic, you should choose an area that is open and clear. It also should be away from wet grass or soggy ground. You also should avoid anywhere near water. That doesn’t mean you can’t picnic by a lake. However, you don’t want to be right near the lake since mosquitoes and other bugs are going to be attracted to the water.

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