4 Signs You’re Overwatering Your Plants

overwatering your plants

Did you know that overwatering your plants can be as bad or worse than underwatering them? Both of these can hurt your plants. So here are some signs that you have overwatered your plants

Overwatering Your Plants Sign 1 – Wet & Wilting

The plant looks like it’s wilted but your soil’s wet. If the plant’s well-watered and green but it’s still struggling, there’s a chance it’s overwatered. To stop this mistake from being made, just water the plants when your soil’s dry.

Overwatering Your Plants Sign 2 – The Leaves are Brown

if your leaves are turning brown and wilting, it’s possible that it’s been overwatered. Right now, it might be hard for you to figure out if it’s been given too much water or if there’s something wrong with it. A lot of times, a gardener will quickly react and give it extra water and hope that this will solve the problems. However, this can cause problems. So before you add water, check the soil and see how wet it is. This means that you want to put your finger into the soil close to the roots of the plant and if it’s still feeling dry, you can water it.

Overwatering Your Plants Sign 3 – Yellow and New Leaves

If you are noticing yellowing leaves as well as some new growth on the plant, chances are that it’s been overwatered. Before watering it, test your soil and see how wet or dry it is.

Overwatering Your Plants Sign 4 – Root Rot

Along with showing that it’s overwatered in its leaves, a plant’s roots can also show that it’s overwatered. When soil is full of water, the roots may not be able to breathe. This means that they are going to drown and start rotting. This fungal disease causes the roots to become brown, grey, or slimy, and they’re eventually going to cause your plant to wilt. If you have a plant with root rot, you should remove the plant from your garden, so the disease doesn’t spread.

These are four signs that you are overwatering your plants. We hope that you found this to be useful. If you are interested in having help with your lawn or garden, please contact us. We’ll be glad to give you a quote.

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