3 Signs You Need a Retaining Wall

need a retaining wall

Do you need a retaining wall? Maybe you do, but you don’t know it yet. Many homeowners can benefit from retaining walls, but they don’t know it. So here are three signs you need a retaining wall on your property.

Signs You Need a Retaining Wall 1 – You Have Issues with Erosion

A retaining wall can help with preventing soil from going down a hill on the house. They also can prevent dirt from going down a hill from beneath your house. These are both very serious situations and putting one or more retaining walls on your property might be the only thing that stands between you and eventually losing your house.

Signs You Need a Retaining Wall 2 – You Have Issues with Rainwater Flow

Another big problem that a lot of people have and that can be helped with a well-placed retaining wall is water. If you’re looking for a way to get the water to go around the house and in your drainage system, this can be done when a retaining wall’s put in. it also is going to prevent water from eroding that land needed by your home to keep it stable.

Signs You Need a Retaining Wall 3 – You Need a Replacement Wall

What if you already have a wall but it’s near the end of its life? As time goes by, it can break down your wall. If your retaining wall’s looking a bit rough, it’s a good idea to have it inspected. Maybe it’s time to have it replaced. Whether it’s too old or the work wasn’t done very well, it’s good to have it looked over.

These are three signs that you need a retaining wall. Whether you need a retaining wall and have never had one before, or you need to replace the one that you already have, why not let us give you a quote? Contact us here and we’ll be glad to give you a quote. We’ll happily answer your questions and give you references from our customers. You are under no obligation to accept the quote.

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