3 Tips to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard

keep deer out

If you live in an area that is very rural, one of the things that you probably want is to keep deer out of your yard. Deer eat crops and are very destructive to trees and plants. So here are three tips that you can use to keep deer out.

Keep Deer Out Tip 1 – Maintain the Landscape

If you don’t want deer in your yard, then you don’t want it to be a cozy and welcoming place. Trim the areas that are densely planted so that they aren’t good hiding places. The deer want areas that give them quick cover when predators come, so you want to eliminate the cover. This will discourage them from choosing your yard as a hangout place.

Keep Deer Out Tip 2 – Have a Dog

One of the things that deer don’t want is to be around a dog. If you have a dog and they are spending a lot of time in the yard, it’s going to bark. This means that the deer are going to run away, and they might eventually decide the yard’s not the place the way to be.

Keep Deer Out Tip 3  – Make a Border with Hedges

Thick hedges such as boxwoods are great for keeping the deer out. these kinds of plants will line the perimeter of the yard and create a wall or border, which will deter the deer from going through. Since they’re unable to see through those hedges into your yard, it’s possible they’re going to skip it and go somewhere else. Keep these maintained well so that they’re remaining full and keep on blocking out the view of your yard.

These are three tips on how to keep deer out of your yard. This will especially come in handy now that rutting season is almost here, and the bucks will be chasing the does.

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