3 Tips for a Healthy Tomato Crop

healthy tomato crop

When the weather turns nice, one of the most popular crops for the garden is tomatoes. Below are some tips that you can use to help you have a healthy tomato crop to enjoy throughout the summer.

Read Labels to Have a Healthy Tomato Crop

Look at your tomato seed packet labels. Here are some of the labels that you are going to see and what they are resistant to:

  • V = Verticillium wilt
  • F = Fusarium wilt
  • N = nematodes
  • T = tobacco Mosaic
  • A = Alternaria, also known as early blight

This will help you with warding off issues before they begin.

Look for Ones with Early Yields to Have a Healthy Tomato Crop

These tomatoes are going to have middle-season harvests. This will also avoid fungal diseases in the late summer. You also should think about the heritage varieties that are common in the area. These might have some resistance naturally to the pests in the area.

Be Proactive to Have a Healthy Tomato Crop

Stop the fungal diseases before they can attack your whole plant by making sure the crops are rotated away from the fungal spots from the previous season. Here are some tips for doing that:

  • Pluck off the leaves that are turning yellow from your plant’s bottom and don’t touch your healthy foliage.
  • Throw out your diseased foliage or burn it.
  • Make sure that you are allowing for space for circulation around your plants and that you’re watering their roots, instead of the leaves.
  • A beer-filled pie tin will lure the slugs from the tomato pins. Bury this tin away from your garden and at the ground level.
  • Pluck the hornworms and put them into soapy water. Look for these during the morning hours. However, if you’re noticing one that has spikes that are white on the worm’s back, leave that one alone. It has parasitic wasp larvae on it, and it will die eventually.

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