Beneficial Bugs – 5 Bugs You Want in Your Garden

Today’s the last day of June. Since we spent most of June talking about two annoying bugs, we thought we’d dedicate today to talking about some beneficial bugs that you want to keep around in your garden. So here are

Beneficial Bugs 1 – ASSASSIN BUGS

beneficial bugs

These bugs look like a weird combination of squash bugs and praying mantis. Their sharp mouthparts are sued for praying upon a lot of harmful insects in your garden. When they are an adult, they look a lot like squash bugs, make sure you look carefully.

Benefifical Bug 2 – GREEN LACEWINGS

An adult green lacewing will feed on nectar and pollen. However, the larvae, which look like a cross between an alligator and slug, prey on things like aphids and caterpillars.

Beneficial Bugs 3 – LADYBUGS

In spite of them having a delightful appearance and name, these cute bugs are actually ferocious predators. Ladybug larvae feasts on aphids, up to 40 in an hour. So, ladybugs are great to have in your garden because they keep the aphid population down.

Beneficial Bug 4 – PRAYING MANTISES

Praying mantises are something that you should always have in your garden. They take care of grasshoppers, beetles, moths, and flies. However, it’s worth mentioning that they also sometimes prey on other beneficial creatures like butterflies and bees.

Beneficial Bugs 5 – SPIDERS

We couldn’t complete this beneficial bugs list without mentioning spiders even though they’re arachnids and not bugs. Although these creatures sometimes look creepy and sometimes look kind of cute, they are great for keeping control of harmful pests. So if you notice one or two spiders in your garden, leave them be. They’re your own personal pest control specialists.

So, there you have it. If you have found any of these bugs in your garden, be happy. They are there to give you a hand.

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