Avoid Tick Problems with These 4 Tips

avoid tick problems

Summertime is just around the corner, and you want to enjoy your yard with the nice weather. But you also want to avoid tick problems in your yard. Below are four tips that you can use to avoid tick problems and help protect yourself and your family from the problems of tick bites.

Avoid Tick Problems 1 – Clean the Yard Up

Ticks love the shade, and they don’t last in the sunshine. When you clean up the overgrown vegetation in the yard, it’s going to give them fewer places that they can stay. Pruning your shrubs and tree branches also is going to give you light in the yard.

Avoid Tick Problems 2 – Choose Tick Deterring Plants

Ticks hate things like citronella grass, lavender, marigolds, and rosemary. These are also plants that are hated by fleas and mosquitoes, so you are going to keep a lot of annoying bugs away.

Avoid Tick Problems 3 – Keep the Deer Away

Although deer are beautiful, they also are one of the main ways that deer get into your yard. Not only that, but deer also love to eat your plants and flowers in your garden. Look for the plants that attract deer and plant ones that deer don’t like.

Avoid Tick Problems 4 – Regularly Mow Your Lawn

One thing that you probably have heard about ticks is that they love tall grass. So, you want to keep your grass mowed on a regular basis. This is going to make your lawn a lot less inviting to the ticks.

These are four tips that you can use to help you to avoid tick problems. You don’t have to worry about exposing yourself to Lyme disease and other problems that tick bites bring.

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