7 Yummy Vegetables to Grill This Summer

It’s hard to believe yesterday was the first day of summer already, isn’t it? We hope that had a good spring and that your summer will be equally as nice. Since summer started, we thought we’d do a post about some of the best vegetables to grill. After all, the grill isn’t just for steak, chicken, pork and other types of meat.

vegetables to grill

7 Great Vegetables to Grill

Below are jsut 7 of the great vegeables to grill this summer.

VegetablePreparationHow to GrillHeat SpecificationsGrilling Time
Asparagus Toss in oilAdd directly to grill
perpendicularly so they don’t fall through the grate
Medium to Medium highKeep a watch on them and turn them once or twice, cooking until they are bright green and have cripsy tops
Avocados Slice in half & remove pit. Brush inner part with oil.Place cut side down.High heatGrill with the cut side facing down 2-3 minutes or until you see grill marks
have formed.
Cauliflower1. Cut head into
thick slices
2. Coat slices with marinade that’s oil based or oil and season
Lay directly on grill
Medium-high 5 minutes each side or until grill marks appear
CornLeave ears in husks and cut away outer husk and cutting off the silk from the top.Lay directly on grillHigh heat Rotate every 5 minutes until husks are charred and the corn is colored brightly. This will take around 15 minutes.
Eggplant1. Cut into thick, long slices or wedge
the eggplant.
2. If there’s time,
soak your eggplant wedges or slices in a salty marinade or saltwater brine for as long as 60 minutes.
3. Dry it well and brush using oil.
Place on your grill.Medium-high Grill 8-10 minutes and flip it halfway. When they are done there should be grill marks and they should be easily piereced by your knife.
MushroomsFor small mushrooms, put them in oil or marinade.

For larger mushroom keep them whole or
slice them.
Smaller mushrooms – place them on skewers, in foil packets or in your grilling basket.

Larger mushrooms – put them directly on the grill.
Medium to Medium-highCook mushrooms 8-20 minutes based on the size of the mushrooms until they are tender.
PeppersRemove the seeds and slice your pepper into some thick rings or quarter them to place them right on your grill. If you slice them into strips, put them into your grill basket or a foil packet.Thick rings and quarters go right on the grill.
Slices go into foil packets or grill basket.
Medium-highCook 5-10 minutes until your peppers
are crisp-tender and lightly charred.

These are 7 great vegetables to grill and enjoy during your barbecues. We have only listed some of the vegetables to grill. Here’s a great page where you can find more, along with some delicious and easy recipes. Have a great day and enjoy the summer! We’ll be back with more blogs to make your summer enjoyable, so keep checking back.

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