3 Helpful Tips to Avoid Weeds on Your Lawn

We hope that you are having a good week. If you have been following us, you know that we are concentrating on lawn renovation and lawn care this month. Since everyone hates weeds, we thought we’d give you some helpful tips on how to avoid weeds on your lawn.

avoid weeds

Feed Your Lawn Regular to Avoid Weeds

Properly caring for your lawn is the best way to keep it healthy. When you have a stressed-out lawn, there’s a better chance of having weeds take over it. Regularly feeding your grass every 6-8 weeks in the growing season using a good lawn fertilizer will help it stay lush and thick. This will make it much less welcoming to weeds since there isn’t a lot of growing space. You can also boost the lawn by dethatching it or aerating it as needed.

Avoid Weeds by Mowing Higher

The seeds of weeds, just like any other plants, will require some sunlight so they can grow. When you mow next time, raise the height of your higher. When you mow at a higher setting, such as one of your mower’s higher settings, it will you’re your grass to grow thick and tall so that the soil’s shaded. This is going to make a less friendly growing environment for weeds.

Water Deeply to Avoid Weeds

Watering your lawn infrequently and deeply is going to help your grass to grow some deeper roots. This will help it with competing with weeds better. Watering frequently and shallowly will encourage the growth of shallow roots. This also makes your grass a lot more likely to suffer when there’s a drought and when it’s hot. This in turn will cause your lawn to have bare and thin spots that weeds love. When you have a lawn with deep roots, it grows thick and crowds out the weeds.

As you can see, there are three easy ways that you can avoid weeds on your beautiful lawn. If you are looking for a company that can care for your lawn that makes it easier on you, we are happy to help you. Simply contact us to find out what we can do for you.

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