3 Helpful Lawn Repair Tips for Dog Owners

lawn repair

Dogs are wonderful pets. They give us unconditional love, they are fun to play with, and they truly are man’s best friends. However, one thing that any dog knows is that they can cause trouble with your lawn. Many times we are contacted for lawn repair quotes by dog owners who love their dogs but who really could do without the brown spots that are left by their urine. So we thought we’d give you some tips to help your lawn look beautiful despite being a dog owner.

Lawn Repair Tip 1 – Water the Lawn

When your pup has gone out and done his business, it’s a good idea to water where they went. Watering that spot for 4-5 minutes can make a huge difference. The water will dilute the nitrogen that urine contains and will help the grass keep the green color. You also want to make sure your dog is well hydrated since their urine will also be diluted and, by extension, so will the nitrogen the urine contains.

Lawn Repair Tip 2 – Designate Some Specific Areas

When you train Fido to go in one particular general area, this will help with cutting down on the number of areas that have been damaged in your lawn. A really good way that you can teach your pooch to do this is to take them to that spot each day, and then give them a treat as a reward when they’re done. This makes it easier for lawn repair professionals to do their work.

Lawn Repair Tip 3 – Make Your Lawn Stronger

You can start out strengthening your lawn by feeding it and seeding it. But other things that can be done to make it stronger are to regularly mow it, aerate it, and remove dead grass or weeds. This can greatly help it stand up to the damage from your dog. Grass that is hardy is better at fighting nitrogen. Healthier grass will also be more damage resilient.

We hope that you found this to be useful. If you are interested in having professional lawn care services, we are glad to give you a quote. Simply contact us and let us know how we can help you.

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