6 Handy Snowblowing Tips

snowblowing tips

If you decide to buy a snowblower this winter and you have never used one before, there are some snowblowing tips that you should keep in mind. Below are 6 snow-blowing tips that you can use to make things easier.

Snowblowing Tips 1 Go with the Wind

If you can, point your chute downward. This is going to make sure that the wind will help you with blowing the snow.

Snowblowing Tips 2 – Don’t Do It Perpendicularly

It’s usually better to go down and up your driveway’s length rather than perpendicularly

Snowblowing Tips 3 – Begin Upwind If There are Strong Crosswinds

If you have strong crosswinds, begin on the side up of the upwind and work downward.

Snowblowing Tips 4 – Throw Snow Right if There Isn’t Much Wind

If you have no or little wind, go down your driveway’s center first and then make circles. This way you are able to keep your chute throwing the snow to a single side. This is also a pattern that will let you throw the snow toward the right. It also means that you aren’t going to have to change directions too.

Snowblowing Tips 5 – Throw Your Snow Really Far Into Your Yard

When you throw the snow only to your walkway’s or driveway’s edge will mean that you have high snowbanks. It’s also going to make it a lot harder to remove when you have another snowstorm.

Snowblowing Tips 6 – Keep Up

Usually, it’s going to be faster and easier to clean 6” two times than to remove 12” once.

These are six snow-blowing tips that you should use to help you snow blow this winter. Or, if you would rather have someone do the snow removal instead of doing it yourself, contact us here for a quote. We’re also on Facebook.

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