4 Ways to Reduce Downspout Noise

You know that your gutters and the downspouts are an important part of your house. But sometimes you might notice that your downspouts are making a lot of noise.  Below are four tips to help you reduce downspout noise.

reduce downspout noise

Adjust Your Downspout Angle to Reduce Downspout Noise

A lot of times, the easiest way that you can fix your noisy downspout’s simply to adjust its position/ when you use a longer clip or spacer to move your downspout’s bottom farther from your house, water won’t fall right to the elbow’s bottom. However, it’s going to hit its side and then trickle down. This will be a lot quieter.

Swap the Downspout’s Bottom Part

Is your downspout made of metal? If so, you might want to replace it with one made from plastic or vinyl. This is going to help you to muffle sounds. You are going to notice a big difference instead of echoing clangs when water’s hitting it.

Insulate Your Downspout to Reduce Downspout Noise

Another way that you can dampen the sound from your downspout is to prevent the surface vibrations. You can do this by wrapping some your downspout in foam insulation. Spray foam can do it as well.

Absorb Water to Reduce Downspout Noise

Many times, a noisy downspout is because of the water hitting your downspout elbow’s bottom. So that you can quiet this resulting noise is to put something on your downspout’s bottom interior. This will absorb water as it’s trickling or dripping down. You can use some artificial turf, a shingle section, or a downspout insert made of foam into its opening.

We hope that you found this blog about how to reduce downspout noise useful. Don’t forget that this is the best time to schedule a gutter cleaning. If you are interested, we can offer you a professional gutter cleaning service. Simply contact us today for a quote and help you get your gutters ready for winter. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more tips and interesting facts.

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